#WCW : Zora Jones

The woman we are crushing on this week is Zora Jones. She’s a 25 year old DJ and producer from Austria who is now based in Barcelona and she has been crushing it.


2 years ago she co-founded Fractal Fantasy with Sinjin Hawke, an audio-visual project that sees the two collaborate with producers such as L-Viss 1999 and DJ Taye and visual artists like Ezra Miller and Nicolas Sasson to pair incredible videos with soundtracks to match.


Just last month Zora released 10 free rap and R&B edits of tracks from Nicki Minaj, Jamie Foxx, Soulja Boy, Lil B and more. Released for free through Fractal Fantasy, the bootleg package is accompanied by captivating visuals made by Nicolas Sasson and Zora Jones herself.


Not only does Zora make visuals and rework songs, she also produces her own originals that are just as fire. Previous releases like Money Cat, Neutrino (with DJ Taye) and Moonstar showcase her bass-heavy sound and talent as a producer and innovator.


She is now set to release her debut EP, 100 Ladies. The EP title stems from Zora producing 100 tracks in the space of 2 years titled Lady 1 through to Lady 100. She has picked 7, given them individual names and will release them through her creative platform, Fractal Fantasy on the 16th of November.


Zora Jones is an extremely talented and creative woman and someone to keep your eye on. You can pre-order her 100 Ladies EP on iTunes now and download her 10 free bootlegs from her Soundcloud while you wait.