#WCW : yergurl

Introducing yergurl, our young #WCW this week. Still in HIGH SCHOOL she’s a producer, vocalist and songwriter who’s making some very cool tracks. Direct from her bedroom where she is know as ‘Fae Winter Scott’ to mum and dad, she’s one to watch.


Like a Sky Ferreira x Charli XCX cross breed her sound is an effortless cool. Her self described ‘bedroom pop’ is grabbing more than a few people’s attention.


At 17 years old, Fae is currently juggling year 12 at the same time as her budding music career. A testament to her multi-tasking and time management, she’s already delivered 3 songs this year! With one mic, her laptop and a midi-controller, yergurl is determined to make her mark.


One of the countries rising young talents, this won’t be the last time you read about her. We’re super excited by her and can’t wait to follow her career. Already killing it from rural Victorian bedroom, there’s a lot more to come from her (especially once school’s out).



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