#WCW : Yaeji

Yaeji is a Korean born, NYC based artist who can do just about everything. She is a producer, rapper, DJ and graphic designer who has been on the rise since last year. The most exciting thing is that at just 24 years old, she’s only getting started.


Whilst at school Yaeji would skip class in order to teach herself how to use ableton. It wasn’t long before she found her footing and starting making some of the most forward thinking house music we’ve seen in a while.


Her eclectic taste in music not only influences the music she makes, but the music she plays in DJ sets. You can count on Yaeji to always bring something new and exciting to the table. Her ‘EP2’ is the perfect example of that.


The 5 track release is a house/hip-hop crossover. Laying down vocals in both Korean and English language, Yaeji is in a league of her own. She even teamed up with a local Korean restaurant to serve curry at her shows! Nobody is doing what she’s doing right now in terms of her sound and unique vision.



We are so inspired by Yaeji and are championing right to the top. Check out her EP below and join the bandwagon.



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