#WCW : Syd

This week’s #WCW is extra special as it happens to fall on International Women’s Day! Today’s empowering woman of choice is Los Angeles artist, Syd. With a number of different projects, she is one of the hardest workers on the circuit.


An R&B/ neo soul singer, producer, DJ and audio engineer she is basically a one woman show. You may know her as Syd Tha Kyd, a former member of Odd Future or as the front-woman of The Internet but have you heard her debut solo album?


Fin is a 12 track showcase of Syd’s artistry and talent as a producer, writer and vocalist. Needless to say it is incredibly inspiring to see a her doing it all on her own it is also vastly influential.


As far as role models are concerned, Syd is one of the best. Although she is surrounded by it, you won’t see her giving in to drugs or swearing in songs. Having a gay woman of colour who stays true to herself the way she does is so important.


Syd is an inspiration to many. Her tireless work ethic, focus and unapologetic attitude is a beacon of light for anyone wanting to make it as an artist. We love her and can’t wait to see what she does next, we know it will be amazing.



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