A few years ago we were introduced to SOPHIE and this week, she is our #WCW. Undeniably one of the biggest influencers in dance music, she has been integral to the recent shift in culture. Emerging as an artist at a time when the scene was noticeably masculine, she went against the grain.


SOPHIE and her friends at PC Music were doing EDM differently. They had created an alternative – spaces that celebrated femininity and allowed girls and non-binary club-goers to the front. Not only was she challenging the culture, the UK producer was also making music that was simply unparalleled.


The word ‘visionary’ almost doesn’t do her justice. Her meticulous production saw her create a sound that was so uniquely SOPHIE it could not be mistaken. The noises she would experiment with, the off-kilter beats and pitched up vocals all became part of her brand.



Even SOPHIE’s unreleased tracks receive waves of hype and fanatic. Her legions of diehard fans are a testament to the breath of fresh air she gave them. With little to no promo, even withholding her identity up until late last year, her growth and popularity has come organically from her music alone.


There was a time a couple years ago when you couldn’t watch a big EDM set and not hear ‘MSMSM’. Word of mouth had spread and everyone was jumping on it. The look on peoples faces in the crowds when it was dropped was like nothing you’d really seen before. It was like they had discovered bubble wrap for the first time.



Now SOPHIE’s influence is infiltrating different genres and scenes. First and foremost in pop, with the likes of Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepson. Now even forward thinking rappers like Vince Staples are using SOPHIE beats.



So many young club producers site SOPHIE as an influence. She is inspiring people to make something different and really experiment with their own unique vision. We are better off for having SOPHIE in the world and are always waiting to see what will come next.



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