Snail Mail

#WCW : Snail Mail

Lindsey Jordan a.k.a ‘Snail Mail’ is crushing it. Another artist to empower you on your Wednesday, she’s from Baltimore but spends most of her time on the road now. She’s a singer, songwriter and guitar expert having played since she was 5 years old.


Snail Mail made their debut when Lindsey was just 15. Age is not the takeaway from that, though it is remarkable, the music speaks louder. The front woman is more than a prodigy, put her against any lo-fi indie band and she stands just as tall.


Her skills as a musician and her personal, relatable songwriting is of such high caliber. Snail Mail has played a stack of big festivals, most recent one being Coachella. She’s also in the middle of an intensive US tour boasting more than a handful sold out dates.



With a string of new singles out, every prestigious mag has gushed over her. Lindsey is a truly influential artist. Now in her first year out of high school, Snail Mail is only just getting started. Keep an eye out for their debut album due out June 8th!




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