#WCW : Sevdaliza

This #WCW we want to introduce you to Sevdaliza. Born in Iran, now living in the Netherlands she is a singer, songwriter, director, composer and ex-professional basketball player. Unlike anything else we’ve heard, her music takes elements from punk, trip-hop, electronic, grime and the avant-garde.


The depth and honesty in Sevdaliza’s lyrics are incredibly compelling. Take her song ‘Bebin’, sung entirely in Farsi, it is a protest against Trump’s immigration ban. Using her voice to stand up for what she believes in, she donated all the profits from the song to funds supporting victims of racial exclusion.


Challenging social norms, her storytelling utilises a philosophical questioning character. Tackling topics like gender diversification and perception of emotion, Sevdaliza channels both masculine and feminine energy in her work.


Just like when writing music, Sevdaliza uses her vulnerability as a tool when performing. Her honesty takes centre stage as she feels the expression of visceral, human things like panic attacks is helpful to her audience. Lucky for us, we have the change to experience this when she arrives in the country next week for her headline tour.


Sevdaliza’s work is incredibly empowering and a breath of fresh air. Recognised by Pitchfork, her album ‘ISON’ came in at #12 on the best Pop and RnB albums of 2017. We would recommend getting to a show to see it all live. Check out her socials for dates!



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