#WCW : ptwiggs

Sydney artist, ptwiggs is an up and coming producer and DJ who’s working hard in the underground. Our #WCW this week, she’s a real go-getter and a determined party starter.


Known as Phoebe to mum and dad, ptwiggs has been making music since she was 17. Although she’s always been super arty – expressing her creativity through singing, painting and even poetry. The outlet she focuses on most however is producing.


Phoebe pedals are really experimental club sound. A deconstructed blend of trap, grime, ambient and industrial sounds, she’s pushing the boundaries. Making a name for herself she’s played mixes on triple j, Radar Radio and Sydney’s fBI. She’s played a live set in support of Basenji and is also in the middle of an Asian tour right now.


Passionate about erratic club music, she’s recently launched a label and club night with fellow Sydney producer Grasps_. ‘Eternal’ tests the limits of experimental dance and it’s a sound that is blossoming in the young Australian scene.


ptwiggs’ artistry runs deep, her aesthetic and sound go hand in hand. A truly expressive artist who’s working hard for the club scene in Sydney, she’s someone to look up to. We are right behind her and can’t wait to watch her growth.


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