Parris Goebel

#WCW : Parris Goebel

Someone who has taken the music world by storm lately is Parris Goebel. Also known as PARRI$, she’s a young choreographer, dancer, director, musician and author out of New Zealand. She also co-founded ‘Sisters United’ with her sisters – an organisation that aims to empower young pacific and maori women.


While you may not no her name, you’ve almost certainly seen her work. Parris has choreographed some of the biggest music videos to hit YouTube in the last decade. Take Justin Bieber’s Sorry video, yep she choreographed that, Ciara’s latest Level Up‘, that was her too. She’s also worked with Rihanna, J-Lo, Janet Jackson, Nicki Minaj and heaps more.


Her dance studio The Palace is world renowned in the dance community. Parris Goebel’s dance crews ReQuest, Sorority, Bubblegum and Royal Family have all won international hip hop championships. Putting her in the highest of demand, she flies to L.A every second week (FROM NEW ZEALAND) to choreograph and direct music videos.


Leaving school at 15 to chase her dream, this self-taught choreographer hasn’t put a foot wrong. She’s worked extrememly hard for what she’s got and she wants to help empower others to do the same. The Sisters United organisation is helping her achieve this by offering courses that teach girls how to grow their self-esteem through performing arts and helping them express themselves.


Reflecting on all of this, Parris wrote her memoir “Young Queen”. In the book she shares her story of how she made it to the top, the obstacles she overcame and the lessons she learned. The definition of an empowering women, Parris Goebel is a complete boss. The video below speaks for itself really.



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