#WCW : Or:la

Or:la is one of the coolest producers and DJ’s on the come up and this week, she’s our #WCW! Based in Liverpool, she has her own radio show, club night and record label. This girl does it all and she does it all her own way.


Take her club night, ‘Meine Nacht’ for instance. Herself and her co-founder scout unique locations on the outskirts of Liverpool and throw parties which are live-streamed and uploaded to YouTube. One of their most memorable was held in an abandoned supermarket!


Always championing new music, when Or:la isn’t throwing parties, she’s hosting her radio show on NTS. ‘Deep Sea Frequency’ is a bi-monthly show hosted by herself and Breakwave. Spinning deep house and techno cuts, these girls showcase the best in new club music.



Then of course there is ‘Deep Sea Frequency’ the record label, also co-founded by Breakwave. With releases described as “multi-dimensional dance floor and non dance floor frequencies”, Or:la and Breakwave push the boundaries.


On the production front, Or:la only has a few releases to her name. Her debut EP, ‘Farewell 24’ came out last year and was the perfect introduction to what she is capable of. With a sound that is hard to summarise, it is best described as warped, atmospheric house and techno.


Or:la proves that you can do it all. With a respected party, radio show, record label and music of her own, she’s a total boss. We are so empowered by her drive and can’t wait to see how far it takes her.



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