#WCW : Nussy

Melbourne’s Nussy is our #WCW this week. An absolute trooper, she’s a DJ and pop singer/ songwriter who’s back from vocal surgery. After removing a benign cyst from one of her vocal folds – a terribly scary thing for any singer, she’s fully recovered and back on the grind.


Her new single ‘Tremble’ is sharp electronic pop with a driving hook. Already recognized as one of the great emerging talents in Australia, she’s also played Singapore’s ‘Music Matters’ and Canadian Music Week.


Australian pop is stronger than ever and it’s young artists like Nussy who are riding the wave. She’s an incredible performer and an extremely hard worker. Not to mention her bravery facing vocal surgery so early in her career. Her determination is super inspiring and her passion for what she does is energizing.


We can’t wait to see what else will come from this empowering young woman. In the meantime, we’ll savours this new track a little longer.



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