Noga Erez

#WCW : Noga Erez

The ever inspirational and empowering, Noga Erez is our #WCW this week. An artist who is incredibly talented, outspoken and complex, she is a breath of fresh air. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Noga uses and creates music as a means of escapism.


Noga Erez is an electronic pop artist with something to say. Inspired by the likes of M.I.A, she isn’t afraid to make things political. Wanting to start conversations with her music, Noga tells it how it is.


She has been receiving a bit of hype since releasing her track Dance While You Shoot last year. Playing showcases at SXSW this year saw that heighten. It is really important to have a figure like Noga coming up in the scene who isn’t afraid to shake things up and set her own agenda.


She has just announced her debut album Off The Radar and is ready to take on the world. Often controversial in meaning, Noga Erez’s music is incredibly forward-thinking in every sense of the word.


There is no telling what she might do next and that is why Noga is so exciting. Her new album is bound to put her on your radar and we suggest you watch her very closely. An incredibly strong and fearless woman, Noga Erez is changing the game.



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