WCW: Ninajirachi

This week’s #WCW is Ninajirachi. Our youngest one ever, Ninajirachi is only 16 years old, meaning she is still in school! Real name, Nina Wilson, this young rising star is a producer and DJ hailing for the Central Coast, Australia.


Because of her age your first assumption is that she is brand new to the game but you would be wrong. Ninajirachi has been uploading tracks to her Soundcloud for 2 years already, you know, when she was just 14.


Seeing how far she has come already since then, it is no wonder she has been building a bit of hype recently. As well as getting rave reviews she has also been getting air time on triple J Unearthed and is starting to get a generous amount of plays on triple J.


If that wasn’t indication enough that she is one to watch, she also made inthemix’s latest ‘7 Local Producers You Need To Hear’ list. It is so inspiring to see someone of her age working so hard and really know what she wants.


This is what we have been missing, we could do with more girls like Ninajirachi on the come up. Catch her in school on the weekdays and DJ’ing a house party on the weekends. While we wait for her to start playing shows of her own, listen to her latest track ‘Pots n Pans’ below.



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