#WCW : Nightwave

It’s no secret that there are so many inspiring women in the club scene right now who are doing amazing things. In an effort to spread some of that empowerment, we would like to introduce you to some of them.


With that being said, the first inaugural #WCW goes out to fellow #girlboss, Maya Medvesek a.k.a Nightwave. Now based in Glasgow, Slovenian-born Nightwave, started DJ’ing at 15 years old and has since developed her career as a producer and vocalist. In 2013 she took the next step by starting her own record label, Heka Trax, which has put out releases from herself, Glacci, Blastto and Big Dope P’s latest, Hit Da Blokk.


Nightwave arguably has one of the most diverse skill sets in the game. Not only for her work in the music industry, but her experience as an alternative medicine practitioner, Slovenian Judo champion, quantum mechanics philosopher, motion capture model for the video game ‘DJ Hero’ AND she has even been a stunt double for Penelope Cruz in her days as an actress. The girl does it all.


When you think there couldn’t possibly be more, Maya also finds time to curate her own club night, NIGHTRAVE and herself has been a strong supporter of women in the industry – working on DJ’ing workshops for girls as a lecturer and instructor.


Nightwave is just one of the many empowering and inspiring women in the industry. She is someone doing great things and is helping pave the way for not only other girls, but everyone to follow.