Yep, this week MARIBELLE is our glowing #WCW. She’s a Melbourne based singer, songwriter and producer extraordinaire. She also runs her own label Crush Club Records and owns her own publishing company ‘Defs Not’.


At only 23 years old, MARIBELLE is absolutely smashing it and is immeasurably empowering. She began like a lot of young artists these days, uploading songs to YouTube and that’s where she hit the jackpot. 1.5 million views on one video to be exact.


Since then she’s attended international songwriting camps, written huge songs for Young Franco, Kilter and Carmada and holds a publishing deal with Universal music. She’s also blowing up in front of the scenes lately after supporting big acts and landing festival slots, she just wrapped her own headline shows.


MARIBELLE’s new single ‘I’m A Mess Without You’ is a complete bop. She’s one of those visionaries in the scene right now that is going to change the game. We are so onboard with everything she does and can’t wait to follow along for the journey.



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