LOUISAHHH!!! is our #WCW this week. Originally from New York, she is a French based DJ, producer and vocalist and one of the strongest female figures in deep house and techno.


LOUSIAHHH!! got her start DJ’ing at just 17 years old. Using fake id’s to get into clubs, she began and continues to do it for the love of the game. She is super dedicated and passionate about everything she does and you can get a feel for her “thrilled to be alive” attitude in the way she spells hers moniker.


A highly sought after DJ, she has done mixes for Rinse FM, Mixmag, DUMMY and has played a Boiler Room set in Paris. She recently put out her Shadow Work EP through friend and frequent collaborator Brodinski’s label, Bromance Records and just launched a label of her own with other close collaborator, Malestrom.


Their label, RAAR, had their first release on Monday titled, RAAR001, it features the two label owners along with the supergroup Roijacker. What is unique about their label is that it will act as a creative outlet of all forms. Not only will every release be available on vinyl, they will each be paired with either a piece of art, a story, a poem or a photograph. Cool!


In December LOUSIAHHH!!! will be the leading lady playing the Bromance Tour along with label-head, Brodinski, Panteros666, Myd, Gener8tion and Guillaume. The dubbed ‘queen of French techno’ is another empowering woman inspiring so many. Head to the RAAR website to get a “pay what you want” digital download of RAAR001.