Katie Cunningham

#WCW : Katie Cunningham

This week for #WCW we are spotlighting Katie Cunningham. A tireless worker, she is one of Australia’s biggest dance music supporters. She’s the current editor or Junkee and during her 7 years of working for the outlet, she’s also been the editor of inthemix. The country’s biggest dance music website, her role is crucial to the support of the local scenes big and small.


Katie has written hundreds of thousands of words about artists, new music, and issues surrounding our scene. She’s moderated panels at Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference (EMC), supported young writers and is always educated and passionate in her work. She truly is one of the countries trusted voices in music media.


Above all, Katie Cunningham’s work ethic and drive is beyond empowering. She’s worked her way to the top of her field and has set an incredibly high standard for journalism in this country. Sadly for us she’ll be leaving her role at Junkee next month. We don’t know what is next for her but we want to thank her for supporting us and wish her all the very best for the future.


Check out some of her work here and here


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