Kate NV

#WCW: Kate NV

Our #WCW this week is Kate NV! If you don’t know anything about her, you have a lot to catch up on. This Russian born musician is a live performer, the singer in Glintshake and has even played with the Moscow scratch opera. Born as Kate Shilonosova, she is blazing a trail for musicians and artist alike.


A visual artist, designer, producer and vocalist, Kate NV is involved in every aspect of her art. Her avant garde approach to beat making is seeing her become a pioneer of sorts. There isn’t many doing what she is doing, which is why RBMA selected her to be apart of their “class of it’s own” series.


Just last week we released Kate NV’s remix of Lewis Cancut’s Say Ok fetauring Tigarah. Bringing her experimental synth pop vision to life, Kate turned Say Ok into a sonic work of art.


After having started the LP in 2014, NV’s debut album Binasu was finally released earlier this year. Captivating fans right away, the album sold out straight away – the cassette even selling out twice. You can get Kate’s remix of Say Ok HERE and steam it below.



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