#WCW : Kah-Lo

The woman we are spotlighting for #WCW this week is Nigerian Afro-house artist, Kah-Lo. Coming onto the scene in late 2015 she has been going strength to strength. After her collaboration with Riton, Rinse & Repeat became a Grammy nominated club staple,she has been working on solo music and just released her first single in August.


Another instant hit, the song s called ‘Fasta’. Getting high rotation all the way over here in Australia on triple j radio, Kah-Lo is already killing it one track in. Put it down to her undeniable talent, passion and hard work, her rise has been super inspiring.


The most exciting thing is that this singer/songwrtier is only just getting started. Her unique voice makes her someone everyone is going to want on their toplines. Although she’s only been on a handful of songs, her vocal is already unmistakable.


We can’t wait to see what she follows ‘Fasta’ with as we know it’s bound to be another dancefloor filler. So check out the brand new video for her debut single below and keep your eye on Kah-Lo because she’s about to be everywhere.



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