#WCW : Jalé

Jalé is our #WCW this week. She is an up and coming DJ out of Melbourne and someone to keep your eye on. Real name Susan, Jalé is super passionate about inspiring other woman, particularly minority DJs and producers to get into the music industry. Being a woman of middle eastern decent she says, “I never saw people like me behind the decks when I went out,” and that is big drive for her.


When searching for music she seeks out collectives that don’t focus purely on western club music or male artists. The music she plays consists of new club sounds from around the world that defy the idea of what contemporary club music should be. She doesn’t give in to genres and will play with different moods and tempos to challenge the listener.


Not only is Susan an exciting new DJ, she also is a fashion enthusiast. Much like her DJ style, she doesn’t play it safe. We are seeing a lot of collectives and communities in the scene who are starting to merge their fashion with their sound to create whole new cultures. Jalé says, “I am passionate about learning how music can influence sub- cultures and movements (and vice versa)- how the combination of fashion and club music can define and bring together a group of people.”


Jalé is fresh on the scene but already has a lot of experience. Her first mix was on Triple R’s Golden Syrup in 2014. Since then she has been playing the circuit in Melbourne and Sydney at venues like Revolver, Forgotten Worlds, E-Fifty Five and heaps more. Her first big break was supporting Imaabs (n.a.a.f.i) in Sydney for the club night EVE. She says “Supporting Imaabs gave me the confidence to continue with my music career and to keep working on my djing skills.”


Jalé recently had her first radio appearance on PBS and also started ‘Perspiration’, a club night in Melbourne with her two DJ friends, Rap Simons and Tommy Groves. Perspiration’s aim is to mix club music with Visual Art to provide the club goers with a full sensory experience. This year Jalé is also aiming to learn more about music production and start producing her own music so look out for her!


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Upcoming gigs

Feb 12 – Perspiration – Loop Bar, Melbourne

Feb 26th – Swagger Like Us – Hugs and Kisses, Melbourne

March 5th – Venus X – The Sub Club, Melbourne