Honey Dijon

#WCW : Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon is an incredibly powerful role model in music. This week we are honouring her influence in dance music by spotlighting her for #WCW. Someone who is an incredible inspiration to many – the trans community in particular, Miss Dijon is an icon.


Based in NYC, she is a producer, dj and fashion idol. Absolutely slaying in every field, Honey Dijon sets her own trends. When it comes to music, she prefers to blur the lines of genres. Her years of experience in clubs and behind decks, gives her a deep pool of knowledge to draw upon when mixing. Seamless transitions and an eclectic taste, her sets are some of the most forward-thinking.


Also the case in the studio, her illustrious background allows her to draw upon a variety of influences making her unique to everyone else. It is this elusiveness that has seen Honey Dijon grace a wide spectrum of venues and stages around the world.


One of the most admirable things about Honey Dijon however is her activism. As a trans women she has been a vocal advocate for trans rights. Speaking on panels at MoMA PS1, Red Bull Music and various radio shows. The definition of an empowering woman, we know she will inspire many more to come.


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