Melbourne duo HABITS make up our #WCW this week. Mohini and Maia have been making music together since 2013 and have been pushing the envelope since then. Making waves with their smokey club music vision, they’re creeping their way to the top.


These two are not the type to go with the flow of things. They’ve set their own agenda and won’t stop until they’ve changed the game. Exploring the nature of the ugly and the dark, their sound and vision is completely unique. Nobody is doing it quite like these guys.


On stage Mohini and Maia deliver an incredibly raw, intimate and empowering live show. Their undeniable talent and passion for what they do is super inspiring. Everything about HABITS is a breath of fresh air snd quite frankly, one we’ve been gasping for.


They’ve already hit some major milestones in terms of gigs. HABITS have supported Peaches, Juliana Huxtable and Banoffee to name a few and have played just about every boutique Australian festival. Today they put out their new song ‘SHAME / DESIRE’ came out today so we’re expecting to see a lot more of them really soon.


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