#WCW : Flava D

Real name Danielle Gooding, Flava D has been producing music since she was just 16 years old. Coming out of the UK, she takes elements from the house, techno and grime scenes and builds tracks that are seeing her become one of the most prolific young producers in the scene.


Signed to the Butterz record label she is also in affiliation with Formula and has worked with DJ Q on the Local Action label. One of the most notable female names in grime right now, she has produced tracks for some of the biggest MC’s in the game (hello Wiley). At such a young age she already had enough fire under her belt to release what is essentially a ‘greatest hits’ record under the name More Love, released earlier this year.


As well as for her production, Flava D is in high demand as a DJ, playing extended b2b’s alongside names like UK garage legend DJ EZ and countless club shows of her own, she also holds a residency on Rinse FM.


She recently put out her track, Bump & Grind in September and has been touring relentlessly around the UK and Europe since. Starting this weekend in Perth, Flava D is coming to play shows in Australia with a quick date in Auckland where she will demonstrate why all the hype around her is relevant.


Tour dates

6th – The Flyrite, Perth
7th – Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne
13th – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
14th – Cassette Nine, Auckland
15th – The Kush Club Boat Party, Brisbane