#WCW : Erthlings

Our #WCW this week comes in a pack of four by the name of Erthlings. They are a band of girls from Sydney who’ve been working towards their dream since some of them were just 8 years old. Issy Lowe, Jessame Stepto,Taylor Shutes and Lissa Evans make up the group and are all incredibly talented musicians. Together they intimately piece together indie pop songs that experiment with both electronic and live sounds.


After some years of playing music together after school, the girls are now ready to share their sound. At the ripe age of 16, they’re already killing it so early on in their careers. They’ve just signed to Future Classic and have a run of Bigsound next week. They’ve also been announced as a support for G Flip on the Sydney stop of her almost completely sold out tour.


Sure the girls are young but take that out of the equation and their music still stands so tall. They’ve got a really clear vision and not only because of vocalist Isabelle’s synaesthesia – a rare neurological condition that allows her to see colour in music. Erthlings ooze empowerment, attitude and sass. They’re songwriting is impressively mature, covering topics of frustration, failed friendships and bridges burned.


Erthlings are definitely going to be ones to watch in 2019. The four girls are so inspiring and seeing them chase their dream is a huge source of empowerment. So if you’re at Bigsound in Brisbane over the week, we highly suggest checking them out.

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