#WCW : Elsz

Heading to Brooklyn for our #WCW this week, we’re crushing on ELSZ. Originally hailing from Sydney and Sri Lanka, she’s a vocalist, harpist and producer. She’s on this soulful pop x experimental RnB tip and it’s a real vibe.


There’s real substance to this artist, particularly in her lyricism. Touching on topics like the effects of colonialism & gender-based violence, she’s got a voice to be heard. “Rather than being a narrator, Elsz acts as a healer creating a reflective and meditative mental space for black and brown bodied peoples”.


Her music has been getting some major praise too. Pinned as one of the ‘highlights of SXSW’ this year, she won fans over at the Aussie BBQ show. She just dropped ‘Dark Room’ last Friday, another twitchy percussive one reminiscent of FKA twigs.


It is artists like ELSZ who use their voice to raise awareness and start conversations that will start a real change. Another super empowering and inspiring women to have in music, we are all about this young talent.


Check out ‘Dark Room’ below!

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