Corin Ileto is one of Australia’s coolest creatives on the come up. Based in Melbourne, she has a solid identity in the underground club scene. Her artistry is something to marvel at both sonically and visually. She knows how to draw you in.


A producer and DJ, she is a valuable asset the country’s new wave of musicians. Her live sets are an impressive display of her skill and talent as a musician. Described as unique and near-cybernetic-an, she has shared stages with trailblazers like Fatima Al Qadiri.


With DJ sets just as experimental and groundbreaking, CORIN has played some huge gigs. Most recently she opened up Melbourne’s Boiler Room which also featured sets from Basenji and our very own Strict Face and Nina Las Vegas.


CORIN’s fascination with machines and technology runs deep. It is this desire to explore the limits of virtuality that has her pushing beyond the limits. Her imagination and vision is completely inspiring. Yet another empowering woman in music, she’s onto big things.



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