The Black Madonna

#WCW : The Black Madonna

This Wednesday we are crushing on the one and only, The Black Madonna. One of the go to sources of empowerment, inspiration and aspiration for so many, she has been doing it for over 25 years. This year has been particularly exciting for her and we are loving watching her blaze a trail.


Real name Maria Stamper, she has been involved in almost every aspect of the dance music industry. Promoting, distributing, booking, merchandising and managing the label Dust Traxx, she’s done it all. Eventually Maria taught herself how to DJ and produce and worked her way through the ranks from there.


Now, The Black Madonna is one of the most influential figures in the scene. An outspoken, queer identifying woman, she gave the status quo of dance music a well needed jolt. The producer and DJ doesn’t put up with any shit and is showing people everywhere that they don’t have to either.


There are so many lessons you can learn from this powerhouse of a woman. Never give up, practice makes perfect and hard work and confidence will pay off. That might seem obvious but sometimes you need a role model for a bit of reassurance and The Black Madonna is exactly that.


Last week she played a crazy Boiler Room set going b2b with Mike Servito and as we are writing this, she is heading up a night of Chicago DJ’s at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal. Later this year The Black Madonna will embark on her first major US tour so if your around North American in November we suggest getting to a show if you can!



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