Alice Ivy

#WCW : Alice Ivy

Today our w#WCW is local producer Alice Ivy. Out of Melbourne, this 23 year old started to turn heads last year after releasing her single Touch. Since then she has been no-stop, releasing a stream of singles and remixes that are putting Alice firmly on the map.


Real name Annika Schmarsel​, this young artist is creating some of the most innovative electronic tracks out there. Her ear and skill for sampling does not go unnoticed and she is not afraid to cross genres.


Alice Ivy is truly capable at becoming one of this generations leading electronic hip-hip/r&b producers. She makes music that is radio friendly without following any kind of formula. Already with big tracks like Touch and Get Me A Drink (ft. E^ST) behind her, she is on the path to some big things.


With a debut album on the way, a feat in itself, Alice Ivy is heading back out on the road. After touring globally last year (even with a broken leg) Alice’s national tour kicks off in June. Do yourself a favour and get to a show! Dates on her socials.



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