#WCW : Abra

#WCW continues this week and today we are spotlighting Abra. An Atlanta based singer and producer she is quickly taking the world by storm. If you haven’t already heard of her, it won’t be long until you are seeing her name everywhere.


A long way from where she began, uploading R&B and rap covers on YouTube, Abra’s latest EP has put her to the front. ‘Princess’ was self written, produced and recorded, proving that she can do it all.


The leading lady of Awful Records and the only singer in the rap collective, she is showing them how it’s done. Her unapologetic attitude and raw approach to songwriting connects Abra with her fans.


Growing her legions of followers with each new release, she is unstoppable. Her artistry and talent is undeniable and her dedication is an inspiration. Watching her go strength to strength is hugely empowering.


Abra is part of a powerful generation of female musicians who are changing the game. She’ll be making her way to Australia next month as part of the Red Bull Music Weekender in Sydney and it is not to be missed.


Check out her latest video below and be sure to follow her on the socials.



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