Alice Ivy

#WCW : Alice Ivy

Today our w#WCW is local producer Alice Ivy. Out of Melbourne, this 23 year old started to turn heads last year after releasing her single Touch. Since then she has been no-stop, releasing... Read more

Noga Erez

#WCW : Noga Erez

The ever inspirational and empowering, Noga Erez is our #WCW this week. An artist who is incredibly talented, outspoken and complex, she is a breath of fresh air. Born and raised in ... Read more

Chippy Nonstop

#WCW : Chippy Nonstop

Chippy Nonstop is an artist who breaks all the rules, pushes all the boundaries and doesn’t apologise for any of it. Our #WCW today, she is a DJ, producer and rapper like no other.... Read more