#WCW : Ducky

Our #WCW this week goes by the name, Ducky. Born Morgan Neiman, she is an exciting producer and DJ based in Los Angeles. She has been making music under the Ducky alias since 2006 and has... Read more

Nina Kraviz

#WCW : Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz is our #WCW this week. Nina is an undeniably massive force for female empowerment in dance music. She is someone who does it all, a house and techno DJ, producer and label... Read more

#WCW : Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe is our last #WCW of 2015, which is fitting as she is one of the ladies who will be helping bring in the Australian new year. Anna will be playing Beyond The Valley tonight in Melbourne... Read more

NLV Records 2015 Year In Review

NLV Records is all about bringing groundbreaking artists and sounds to the surface and 2015 had plenty of them to spotlight. This year has been killer for all things new... Read more