#WCW : Uffie

Ultimate synthpop, acid house icon, Uffie is our #WCW this week. A singer, songwriter, rapper and DJ, she has been inspiring music lovers sine 2005. After a  4 year musical hiatus,... Read more


#WCW : Abra

#WCW continues this week and today we are spotlighting Abra. An Atlanta based singer and producer she is quickly taking the world by storm. If you haven’t already heard of her,... Read more

fxwrk and circe

#WCW : FXWRK and Circe

Our #WCW this week celebrates not one but two women, FXWRK and Circe. These two ladies are part of the online collective ‘SISTER’ and the engines behind their first compilation.... Read more

Haiku Hands

#WCW : Haiku Hands

Sydney’s Haiku Hands are this week’s #WCW feature stars. A multifaceted project the elusive crew just made their musical debut and it’s taking off. The head honcho’s... Read more