Maya Jane Coles

#WCW : Maya Jane Coles

Longtime legend and inspiration to legions, Maya Jane Coles is our #WCW this week. Maya is a producer, audio engineer and DJ out of London who has proven time and time again she is one ... Read more

Anna Of The North

#WCW : Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North are the half Norwegian, half New Zealand duo making waves right now. Made up of Anna Lotterud and her producer Brady Daniell-Smith, their project is our #WCW this week.... Read more

Alison Wonderland

#WCW : Alison Wonderland

Unless you have been spending your days under a rock, you will be well aware of who Alison Wonderland is. A woman who has made her way to the very top, she is showing the boys how it’s... Read more

ecca vandal

#WCW : Ecca Vandal

One of Australia’s most distinctive new voices, Ecca Vandal is our #WCW today. She’s been on the come up since 2014 and is still a largely buzzed artist. Changing the face... Read more