#WCW : Feels

This #WCW we are splitting our crush in two and spotlighting Perth duo, Feels. Elise Reitze and Rosie Taylor are a percussive electronic outfit who have been quietly killing it. Bringing... Read more



This #WCW we are directing your attention to ALMA. A 21 year old vocalist and songwriter out of Finland, she is on her way to becoming the new pop sensation. In the past year she’s... Read more

Charli XCX

#WCW : Charli XCX

It’s no secret that this has kind of been the year of Charli XCX. From her own big releases to her collaborative features, she’s been everywhere. A long way from where she... Read more

King IV

#WCW : King IV

Our #WCW this week is an artist we have been loving lately, she goes by the name King IV and she’s on her come up. Emerging on the scene just last year, it’s been a pretty steep... Read more