Hear ‘Contagious’ from Nina Las Vegas Ft. Snappy Jit

The next free sample from the NLV Records team is Nina Las Vegas’ very own track featuring Miami dance fanatics, Snappy Jit. Premiered on DUMMY, the rightfully titled Contagious, is an infectious, bass-heavy cut that will stay in your head for all the right reasons.


Nina’s production is formidably layered on this one, demonstrating her appreciation for all things weird and wonderful. Knowing that the track needed something more, Nina hit up Snappy Jit after her and Swick (who helped mix this record) got stuck. “I just reached out to them on twitter and within two days we had a vocal line. We’d been playing with a bunch of samples that didn’t work so it was super cool to work with these guys and come up with the lyrics for this powerful club track.” An intro that demands attention leads into undulating energy, slappy drums and etherial synths. Contagious is nothing short of a party starter.


If you listen to Nina’s mixes you will most likely recognise the distinctive Snappy Jit voice in the topline. As Nina will tell you herself, “I’ve always been a fan of Snappy Jit, often playing two or three of their tracks in my sets! With that in mind, it’s such an honour to have them on one of my songs.”


In this new era of Nina’s incredible career, she has allowed herself the time to continue focusing on and developing her original production. Just a sample of what Nina is capable of, she has a whole career of producing ahead of her and after hearing Contagious, it is clear that it will be one to follow closely.


You can download Nina Las Vegas’ club-ready track, Contagious, for free today and for the next seven days, so get on it.