Air Max ’97

Air Max ’97 describes his sound as “oblique club”. He is an innovative producer born in the Netherlands, raised in New Zealand and currently residing in Melbourne who rejects any kind of formula when it comes to building and shaping his tracks. Air Max ’97 has 4 releases out, his latest being Core Work/Expenditure – self-released through his own label ‘DECISIONS’, with a stock-pile of unreleased material on the way very soon.   

His DJ sets have a tone that is impossible to compare with anything else. Contrasting moments of dark and light, hypnotism and disruption, his mixes bring his avant-garde new style to the forefront.

Air Max ’97 has stepped into the unknown and introduced club music fans to a whole new world of possibilities. With every inventive new track he puts out, Air Max ’97 continues to explore his idiosyncratic and exhilarating vision for the dancefloor.